iAmFaster – my first app

Okay everyone, this is my first app I must admit that. More info about this app you can find clicking here iAmFaster – Overview.

It has took me a lot of time to get to know the basics, but as soon as I got them I was better and better at programming it ;)
Okay so look at it and try it ;)
Thank you and have a nice play!

5 thoughts on “iAmFaster – my first app

  1. peter_ch

    hello, just want to say thanks for your opinions!

  2. Very nice app! But you know I`m faster than you ;) so good luck and I`m waiting for more your apps :)

    P.S. dlaczego piszemy po angielsku? :P

  3. Video of app is submitted!

  4. peter_ch

    New video with 1.1 version of this app is available!
    See more at http://www.iphone.desnr.com/?page_id=8
    (iAmFaster APP)

  5. iAmFaster 1.1 new version : “The following app has been approved. The status has changed to Ready for Sale.”
    so try it on your own iPhone! ;)

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