iAmFaster App

I proudly present my first app which is available on the AppStore!
Here’s a link to the iAmFaster – iTunes Preview

The application is intented to play in single or with others. In single play mode the app is testing your reflex skills, how fast you are. Single play mode is something like practising before real play – versus play. In the versus play mode the app gives you a chance to prove that you are faster than your friend! Challenge anyone from your society and have fun with it!
Show who is faster and after win say it loud “iAmFaster!:)

some screen shots:

Here’s a quick video of my app ;)

Version 1.0

Here’s a video of version 1.1.
Already sent to iTunes. Awaiting for acceptance.

Thank you for reading this!
Buy my app ! ;)

20 thoughts on “iAmFaster App

  1. peter_ch

    Hello, nice comment here. changed

  2. This is awesome!

    Skad masz takie kul grafiki?

    • peter_ch

      Pobralem ja z ktoregos websajtu :P

  3. Milena

    I love it:D. I’m the fastest player!!:D

  4. can you post some action videos of this app?

    • Yeah, that’s a good idea.
      I will send it in a few hours! ;)

    • peter_ch

      but firstly I have to find some software (which is free) to record my screen ;)
      Do you have any proposals? :>

  5. Hello, I have send on youtube my official video from iPhone simulator of iAmFaster (1.0) app!

  6. I’m working on update to this app.
    The update will include the High Scores view with a name and score of the player. The update is in 50% done already. As soon as I will send the update I will leave here a notice for you ;)

  7. peter_ch

    New Version of app has been sent to the app Store! Awaiting for acceptance right now.

    • Tom

      Hey! New update make this app even better! Cool, keep them coming!

  8. The app update status has changed to In Review ! ;)

  9. iAmFaster App version 1.1 (with highscores) has been approved!
    So now get your own at your iPhone and try your scores with others! ;)

  10. Tom

    Do you plan to release a X-mas release of the app?

    • For the iAmFaster app there will be no X-mass version. But! I’ll try to release X-mass app (which is in project phase), on 10th December.
      Also maybe in this year or in January I will release a brand new app! – more information soon.

      • Tom

        Wow, thats only 20 days from today!

        • peter_ch

          I did not make it – the x-mas app.
          But there is one app ongoing. I will release it propably on February.

          • Tom

            Hello, where is the promised Feb app, it is march already. ;)

  11. Hi!
    I know that I have a quite big delay..but! I’m working on a brand new app which (I suppose) will be submited this month. So please be patient ;) I really have a lot of other things to do :)

  12. peter_ch

    The Delay is getting bigger and bigger ! :P
    I am working at new app right now, so get ready for the app in July ;)

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